Finances can be as tricky as ever these days. That’s why CCC has invested in a new plan called Ramsey+ to provide CCCers an entire year membership to the best money content and tools for FREE. We’re excited to offer this incredibly helpful resource to your family, and we think this opportunity could change your life.

As a part of CCC, your free membership provides training on how to set up a budget, track spending, get out of debt, and much more. Ramsey+ offers serious financial help in the midst of these uncertain times through access to the Every Dollar and Baby Steps apps, and a full suite of tools like Jump Start, Financial Peace, Budgeting, Smart Money for Kids, and Legacy. One of the most helpful things about your Ramsey+ membership is your personal financial coach who will answer any questions you might have. Plus it’s all on-demand, so you can move at our own pace and work around your schedule.

It would cost a family $130 just to take Financial Peace, but now as a part of CCC, all these resources are free. If money has you worried or overwhelmed, if you need a plan, Ramsey+ is a common sense education. No matter where we are financially, everyone can grow. Let’s start today on the path to financial peace.