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C3 Students is for middle and high school students and it’s all about helping students learn how to follow Jesus and own their own faith. Whether you’re exploring church for the first time or you’ve been a part of a church for as long as you can remember, all students are welcome here.


SUMMER Programming

Make the most of your summer with C3 Students



SUMMER calendar


one nights

What if we took everything we loved about C3 Students and made it happen ONE NIGHT a month? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening this summer at CCC. C3 Students is throwing the biggest and best party around on the last Wednesday of each month. 

Will there be food? Of course! It’s a party.
Will there be games? In a word, yes.
Can I count on there being some sort of competition? You can count on C3 Students to deliver on this one.
Is there any chance there will be something I’m not expecting but is surprising and extraordinary simultaneously? The forecast is calling for 100% of surprises.

ONE NIGHT is free, and it only happens ONE NIGHT a month, so check the calendar below for dates and sign up to attend the next one.

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Plugged In

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Upcoming Events


24aug6:00 pm9:00 pmC3 Students ONE NIGHT


04sep12:00 pm2:00 pm6th Grade UPgrade

11sep5:30 pm7:30 pmFall Launch Party


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Student weekly programming

what to expect

At C3 Students, we want to help students FOLLOW JESUS and OWN THEIR FAITH all year long. The school year rhythm looks like this.

Middle School Weekly Programming

Middle School Large Group and Small Group take place together on Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:30PM during the school year at CCC’s main building (8009 Corporate Dr).

During the Large Group time (MS LG), you can expect to grab a meal (for around $5), connect with friends, play some sports or games, meet new people, and much more. Together, we’ll learn about who Jesus is & how we can live more like Him.

Immediately following Large Group, students will head to Small Groups (MS SG).  Middle School Small Groups are grouped by grade and gender. Small Groups give students a chance to ask questions, dig deeper into the teaching from Large Group, build relationships with other students, and take their experience with C3 Students to another level.

Occasionally, we’ll have a gathering offsite for small groups without the large group component. You’ll hear about those in advance, and you can always find them on the calendar.


High School Weekly Programming

High School Small Groups (HS SG) take place on Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:30PM during the school year at CCC’s office space (8007 Corporate Dr).

Groups are grade and gender-based and provide a great chance to develop meaningful friendships that aren’t always easy to find. Being connected to the right group of people is one of the most important things we do. In times of fun and in those not-so-fun times, small groups are your source of friendship, support, and encouragement. As you surround yourself with others who love Jesus, your faith will also grow.

Students have the opportunity to have dinner together (for about $5) and about once a month all the high school groups will meet for a large group gathering (HS LG). Check the calendar below for details.

Occasionally, we’ll have a gathering offsite for small groups.  You’ll hear about those in advance, and you can always find them on the calendar.