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Many of us remember a special toy or plush friend from our Toy Box that gave us comfort and companionship when we needed it. We were made to want someone with us. And that Someone is who we will be talking about this month. We will say countless times this month, “God is always with me.” We want our preschoolers to believe it with all of their hearts. 


God took the initiative by sending Jesus to show us how much He loves us and fix the relationship between us. When we see a need and choose to do something about it, we reflect God’s image in us. Through our initiative, others can see the reality of God’s love for them.


4th & 5th graders will discover how we can reflect God’s character through taking initiative as we spend the month studying the life of Nehemiah. Nehemiah heard about a need, decided to check it out, trusted God, and dropped everything to finish the project. We hope Nehemiah’s story helps your kids discover how they can show initiative in their lives.



C3 Kids provides weekly content and resources for you and your child. We update the content each weekend so you can experience C3 Kids online with your kids when it works best for you.

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Each week in C3 Kids Preschool, parents receive a Parent Time card (for kids 2 and under) or a Small Talk card (kids over 2) to use at home that week.


Each week in C3 Kids Elementary, kids receive a Parent Cue card and a GodTime card for parents to use at home that week. The Parent Cue card informs parents about what their child learned that morning and provides a question for discussion. The GodTime card contains 4 days of devotions designed for parents and kids to use at home that aligns with what they learned that weekend.


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