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At CCC, no one stands alone. We would love to help you find a group of people you can link up with on your journey with God. We all have steps to take toward God and the best way to keep your journey of faith moving forward is by joining a small group.

Small groups are made up of people (just like you) who get together during the week to share life. Groups are where people can learn, pray, and care for each other.  Participating in a group is a great way to form the kinds of deep and meaningful relationships we need as we continue pursuing God.

We offer all sorts of small groups, including groups for men, women, couples, and young adults, as well as groups that focus on specific needs. We’d love to help you find the right group. For more information on everything related to small groups, email lisa.carrasco@communitycc.net.

if you’re interested in one of our care groups or more information about Starter Group, check out the links below: