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Baptism Messages

In many ways, baptism is the starting point for a life of faith. Certainly many important thoughts and experiences lead up to baptism for most people, but our baptism is when we publicly announce our decision to “jump in” and follow Jesus for the rest of our lives.

Baptism is, in a sense, the starting gun for the marathon that is following Jesus for a lifetime. It’s when we join God’s family, adopted as his child and redeemed from our sin. And it is when we begin a lifelong journey of following Jesus and submitting to him as the Lord of our lives.

Yet baptism is more than just the starting point of our Christian faith. The Bible says that through baptism we identify with Jesus in his death and resurrection. In a sense we are buried with Christ, allowing our sin to die with him, and we are raised with Christ to new life, cleansed and forgiven through him. So, while baptism is not the finish line of our faith, the Bible insists God does something powerful and important in and through our baptism.

Here are a few messages about baptism. Give them a listen and email baptism@communitycc.net if you’d like to talk more with someone about baptism.

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