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During this pandemic we’ve learned lots of things, like the term social distancing (who knew that phrase before March?). We’ve learned that local breweries are highly skilled at making hand sanitizer. We’ve also learned the Apocalypse won’t involve Zombies, but it will probably include people fighting over toilet paper.

The real question we’re asking is, am I learning what God’s teaching me?
We want to go through this time with a humble nature, knowing that no matter what we experience, God is at work, and we can always learn something. 

CCC’s series, I Was Quarantined And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt, is about learning as much as we can in the midst of new obstacles and challenges. We don’t want to get to the end of quarantine and only have a lousy T-shirt to show for it. 

The highlight of your week is available whenever you are. Online–In Person–On Demand: It’s all about Helping People Find Their Way Back To God. Check out previous sermon series on CCC’s YouTube Channel.

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