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All of us face the great battle of not letting our fears overcome us. Fear is a universal experience. We fear for our health, that we’ll be insignificant, having difficult conversations, making changes in our lives, being alone; and the list goes on and on.

The struggle to live lives where faith and hope win the day is real. How can we be happy and afraid at the same time? Can we be both hopeful and anxious?

Imagine your life with all the fears and worries laid to rest. What would that be like? God invites us to live fearlessly… fearless love, fearless faith, fearless joy.

This Fearless series is all about how we can follow Jesus beyond fear to peace.

The highlight of your week is available whenever you are. Online–In Person–On Demand: It’s all about Helping People Find Their Way Back To God. Check out previous sermon series on CCC’s YouTube Channel.

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