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C3 Students is for middle and high school students and it’s all about helping students learn how to follow Jesus and own their own faith. Whether you’re exploring church for the first time or you’ve been a part of a church for as long as you can remember, all students are welcome here.

All student groups meet on Sunday nights from 6-7:30PM.


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2. Check out communitycc.net/students for an up to date list of all events coming up for students around CCC.


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What to Expect

In C3 Students, we want to help students FOLLOW JESUS and OWN THEIR FAITH, and small groups are one of the BEST ways for that to happen. We’re seeking to do everything we can to be as safe as possible as student groups meet together. Here is what to expect:

  • Students will have the option to meet weekly, IN-PERSON, with students from the same grade and gender, along with two adult small group leaders.
  • Groups will meet at a location and a time that works best for each group.
  • All volunteers and small group leaders will have gone through revised training to prepare for regathering.
  • All volunteers, leaders, and students will be temperature checked upon arrival, and everyone will be required to wear a mask if meeting indoors.
  • All volunteers, leaders, and students will be required to fill out a quick digital COVID questionnaire upon arrival.
  • Plenty of handwashing stations will be available, and high traffic surfaces will be sanitized regularly for any group that meets at CCC.

These procedures will help create an environment where students can be comfortable and safe to participate in small groups.

All student groups meet on Sunday nights from 6-7:30PM. 

To find out more about a group for your student, or to let us know they’ll be there, please RSVP HERE.

If you are checking out C3 Students for the first time, we’d love to help you get connected! To find out how to join in, or to stay in the loop with our current meeting plan, email Ryan at ryan.arnold@communitycc.net.

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I keep hearing about large group. What is that?

During large group students will meet to interact with games, some friendly competition, and learn from inspirational speakers. The goal of large group is to set up fun and meaningful discussions in small group. For middle school students, large group meets weekly. High school students have large group program once a month.

What is a small group?

Each small group includes students from the same grade and gender, and provides them an opportunity to develop relationships with other students and leaders.

How is my student’s small group leader chosen?

Small group leaders volunteer to participate and then go through an interview/approval process before being selected to lead students. We group all students by grade and gender.

Can my student bring a friend to C3 Students?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. C3 Students is designed to be a fun and inviting place for every student.

What time does C3 Students programming begin and end each Sunday?

Everything gets started at 5:30PM. Both middle and high school programming will wrap up by 7:30PM.

How do I volunteer to become a part of C3 Students?

Everything starts with a conversation. If you’re interested in volunteering in the Student Ministry, email our Student Minister ryan.arnold@communitycc.net.

My student expressed interest in getting baptized. What now?

That’s awesome! We’re excited with you! Jump over to our Baptism page for some helpful resources.

What is your inclement weather policy?

We want to do our best to over communicate, so whenever inclement weather impacts our programming, you can always check one of the following:
– Website

Middle School

We’re here to help a student’s middle school years be some of the very best of their life.

During the school year, we get together almost every Sunday evening from 5:30-7:30 (doors open at 5:00). We meet up as a large group (MS LG) and then we split down into small groups (MS SG). Occasionally, we’ll get together somewhere in the community for a mobile group gathering.

Check out the C3 Students calendar at the top of the page to see what’s happening.  For more information on our programming for middle school students, please email ryan.arnold@communitycc.net.

Middle School Large Group and Small Group take place together on Sunday evenings during the school year. During the Large Group time (MS LG), you can expect to grab a snack, connect with friends, play some sports or games, meet new people, and much more. Together, we’ll learn about who Jesus is & how we can live more like Him.

You never know what could happen at MS LG. From Paint Wars to giant foam pits or snowball fights when it is 90 degrees out, you won’t want to miss out on MS LG! If you are in middle school it’s just for you.

Middle School Small Groups (MS SG) happen in conjunction with our Middle School Large Group (MS LG).  Occasionally, we’ll have a gathering offsite for small groups without the large group component. You’ll hear about those in advance and you can always find them on the calendar.

Middle School Small Groups are grouped by grade and gender, and they give students a chance to ask questions and dig deeper into the teaching from Large Group, build relationships with other students, and take their experience with C3 Students to another level.

In addition to the weekly programming throughout the school year, we offer various trips and retreats. These experiences help students grow their faith, they fast-forward the building of key relationships, and they expose students to service opportunities where they can make a difference. We hope your student will take advantage of them all.

Here’s a look at the trips and retreats for middle schoolers each year. Check the calendar for specific dates:

Fall Retreat – September/October
Winter Escape – February
8th Grade Retreat – March
Summer Service Trip – July
ArtBeat – July

High School

We want to help high school students figure out how to navigate these critical years and prepare for life after graduation.

During the school year high school students meet on Sunday evenings in small groups (HS SG). These groups meet on CCC’s campus on Sunday evenings. Once a month all high school small groups get together for a large group event (HS LG).

For more information on our programming for high school school students please email ryan.arnold@communitycc.net.

High School Large Group (HS LG) meets once a month on Sundays from 5:30-7:30.

HS LG is for every high school student who calls CCC home and their friends. At HS LG you can expect a little food, a lot of friends, some practical teaching, great games, even better prizes, and something unexpected every time we get together. HS LG is worth planning your month around.

Check out the C3 Students calendar at the top of the page to see what’s happening this week.

High School Small Groups (HS SG) are where the rubber meets the road. Groups of students meet on CCC’s campus most Sunday nights during the school year.

HS SGs are fun, helpful, meaningful, and the best way for students to build the relationships they need to thrive during the high school years.  

Check out the C3 Students calendar at the top of the page to see what’s happening this week.

In addition to our weekly programming throughout the school year, we offer various trips and retreats. Some of the best experiences a high schooler may have with C3 Students just might be on a trip or retreat. We hope every student will take advantage of them all.

Fall Retreat – September/October
Winter Retreat – January
Summer Service Trip – June