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Let’s flip the script on COVID-19 and the overall tone and tenor of this time we find ourselves in.  

Here’s how it works: Listed below are some important acts of love and care anyone can do that will make a difference. Use those negative letters C-O-V-I-D and turn them into something positive. 

C – Celebrate a Senior

(Graduating Senior or older Senior.) There’s a lot of disappointment right now for graduating high school and college students who were anticipating a season of celebration. Push some of that back by celebrating someone you know. Push some of the isolation and loneliness back with someone who might be all by themselves and vulnerable.

O – Offer to Help Someone Financially

Do for one what you wish you could do for all. If you’re able and know of a need, meet a need.

V – Value a Relationship 

Make a meal, write a note, meet some need for a friend, neighbor, family member, team member, classmate, etc.

I – Intentionally Pray 

Keep throwing any and all cares and concerns at God’s feet. He cares. He is powerful. He is always at work. Pray about everything! 

D – Deepen Your Connection with God 

Lean into him like never before. Keep looking to his Word, the Bible. Memorize it.  Devote yourself to it. Keep tuning in to services each week. Make this moment a catalyst for your relationship with the one who created you, cares for you, and longs to walk with you throughout all of life.