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For thousands of years, people have met together weekly to celebrate their relationship with God. At Community Christian Church, we’re continuing in that stream of people. When we get together for services weekly, we simply proclaim the way of Jesus and remind ourselves of what God has done and what he’s looking to do.

Each week we’re trying to figure out how to live in God’s world, God’s way. We want to get rid of anything that keeps us from living the way God originally intended for us to live and embrace the fullness of life He has planned for us. We believe that living under the rule and reign of God – revealed to us through the bible – is the best way to live. So we celebrate that each week.

We believe we were created to live deeply with one another – to generously share whatever we have with each other – to lean into each other when life gets tough – to confess and encourage and pray for each other – to live open and honest and authentic lives.

We’re seeking to genuinely care for each other. We’re not trying to put on a show or act holier than thou. We’re real people trying to get the most out of this life we find ourselves in. We’re committed to journeying together in this life.

We’re doing everything we can to live lives of significance. We were created to be a compelling force of good in the world. So we look for things that are not right in this world and do something about it, becoming a change agent.

We believe the church is at its best when we serve and love and give – caring about the things God cares about and partnering with Him to accomplish His dream for White Marsh and the world.