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C3 Students regular programming takes a break over the summer. But, that doesn’t mean students should stop coming around. Sunday mornings are designed with students in mind, so check out one of our three services at 8:30/10/11:30AM. Our weekly programming will get kicked back off this fall. If you’d like to find out more about how to get plugged in, just email ryan.arnold@communitycc.net.


At Community Christian Church, we place a high value on students. That’s why we work hard to help students journey through life the way God would want them to. Whether you have just started middle school or you are on your way out of high school, there is something for you at CCC.

Middle School

Because we know middle school students are fast paced and always growing, we have a large group gathering called EPiC, created specifically with middle school students in mind.

On most Sundays during the school year, we meet at CCC from 5:30-7:30PM. Each week will be full of games, prizes, competitions, video games, helpful teaching, and small groups. That’s right. The second hour of EPiC each week we break down into small groups. Small groups meet by gender and grade level. That means if you are a 6th grade guy, you will be meeting with other 6th grade guys. If you’re an 8th grade girl, you will be meeting with other 8th grade girls. Just shoot an email to Ryan.Arnold@communitycc.net to find out more.

Throughout the year we have special trips and retreats planned just for middle school students. These awesome events will help you find more ways to get to know Jesus.

High School

During the school year from 5:30-7:30PM, high school students get together for IMPACT. You can expect a night full of great music, relevant teaching, competition (who doesn’t like a little competition now and then?), cool prizes, giveaways, and a lot more. Small Groups take place during the second half of IMPACT.

Small Groups are a place for students to get to know other students from the area and talk about real life stuff. In Small Groups you will have the opportunity to love and to be loved, to know and to be known, to care and be cared for and to share life with one another. Small Groups are split up by gender and grade level. To find out more about IMPACT and small groups, email Ryan.Arnold@communitycc.net.

During the year we have special trips and retreats planned just for high school students. These awesome events will help you find more ways to get to know Jesus and also become better friends with other students along the way. Pay close attention to the events page to find out more about our trips and retreats as they come along.

If you have any questions about Student Ministry at CCC, email students@communitycc.net.

Safety & Security

We value many things at C3 Students, but safety and security are at the top of the list. We understand how priceless your students are, and we want to honor that by keeping them safe at all times.

Inclement Weather Policy

For EPiC and IMPACT (student environments during the school year), Student Ministries will make a decision about cancellation no later than 3PM that day. This decision will be posted on the Student Ministry Twitter & Student Ministry Facebook. In some cases, a decision may be made earlier in the day and announced at the Sunday morning services. If Sunday morning services have been cancelled EPiC and IMPACT will be cancelled as well.


I keep hearing about large group. What is that?

C3 Students impacts your student through two environments every Sunday evening. One of these is large group in the Warehouse at CCC. During large group students will meet to interact with games, some friendly competition, and learn from inspirational speakers. The goal of large group is to set up fun and meaningful discussions in small group.

What is a small group?

Small groups provide the fuel that drives students to make good choices during the week. Ideally led by two adult leaders, each small group includes students from the same grade and gender. This gives them the opportunity to develop a group of Christian friends which leads to further encouragement and accountability. Students enjoy getting together outside of church with their Small Group Leaders and small groups for community service, personal/spiritual growth, and additional fun. Our goal is that each small group remains together for the duration of middle school & high school. On occasion, a group that grows too large will be multiplied to keep relationships personal. But don’t worry—friends and former leaders are always around!

How is my student’s small group leader chosen?

Small group leaders volunteer to participate and then go through an interview/approval process before being selected to lead students. We group all students by grade and gender.

What if my student doesn’t have a small group yet?

After large group, your student will be introduced to their Small Group Leader and can just check things out that evening.

Can my student bring a friend to C3 Students?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. C3 Students is designed to be fun and inviting place for every middle school and high school student. We’re thrilled when your student is excited to share what he or she is experiencing at church. Middle school and high school is a critical time when relationships can begin to get messy and emotionally challenging. Developing spiritual strength now will influence critical choices in the future.

What time does C3 Students programming begin and end each Sunday?

Everything gets started at 5:30PM. Middle school students will jump into EPiC and high schoolers will get started at IMPACT. Both middle and high school programming will wrap up by 7:30PM.

What camps/events does C3 Students have?

Every year we offer two main retreats/events during the school year for students to be a part of. In the fall we head out of town for our annual Fall Retreat and in the winter we take off for EPiC Escape and the High School Winter Retreat. In addition, every summer C3 Students will take a couple different service or leadership oriented trips. For more information about our events, check out the Events page.

How do I volunteer to become a part of C3 Students?

When you look at the beaming faces in C3 Students, you see far more than middle and high schoolers. You also see dozens of energetic adults who were once in your shoes—wanting to jump in, yet wondering whether they had time or energy to commit to mentoring. They discovered what you will soon recognize: our volunteers & leaders aren’t merely here to help. The relationships they form become their ministry and a treasured priority. In fact, small group leaders engage with the same students for at least one year—laughing, listening and leading. We’re delighted you want to become part of the reason that students love C3 Students! For more information, email our Director of Student Ministries, Ryan Arnold at ryan.arnold@communitycc.net.

Can a parent be a small group leader of his or her student?

Becoming a small group leader is a fun and exciting way to stay engaged with your own student. We absolutely encourage parents to become small group leaders—and, with our rapidly expanding student ranks, we need you—but we do not permit parents to lead their own children in C3 Students. Some students need more space than others and are far more likely to be candid in small group discussions when parents are not present. We’ll help find the best fit for you, as well as the right place to maximize your student’s experience in C3 Students.

My student expressed interest in getting baptized. What is your process?

That’s awesome! We’re excited with you! Please check out the “Baptism” page for more information.