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C3 Kids 45 is a brand-new experience just for kids in 4th and 5th grades at CCC!

45 will meet during both Sunday morning services (9:15 & 11:00AM) and Monday nights (7:00PM) in a new environment designed specifically for them right across the parking lot in 8007 Corporate Dr. (next to the CCC Office). 

In C3 Kids 45, children will learn the same basic truths and stories from the Bible as younger elementary kids, but in a unique way and in a different setting. Starting February 3, your 4th and 5th grade kids will move out of the Warehouse and into their new digs… they’re going to love it!


What safety precautions are in place now that 45 is in a separate building?

You can rest assured that we have applied the same level of safety, security, and attention to detail here as we do everywhere else. The following safety measures are in place throughout the entire C3 Kids ministry, including 45, We also have the ability to communicate with our teams between both buildings whenever needed. 

  • All C3 Kids volunteers have been vetted through our volunteer onboarding process, which includes a background check.
  • Each C3 Kids environment adheres to the appropriate volunteer to child ratio.
  • No volunteer or CCC staff member is ever alone with a child.
  • Only the appropriate parents, volunteers, and staff have access to each environment (other adults don’t have access to the rooms)
  • All of C3 Kids adheres to our check in/check out procedures ensuring the right kids are in the right spaces with the right people.
How will check-in work?

Parents, will be able to check their kids in at the 8009 building and the 8007 building. You’ll be able to check them all in at one station and then take them to their rooms. If you have a child in 45, we highly recommend parking in the lot in front of the office, checking in your 4th or 5th grader first, then heading to the 8009 building.

How will check-out work?

Checkout will work the same as it currently does, meaning parents must be present with their parent tag to check their children out. This is true for 45 as well. If you have a child in 45, we highly recommend parking in the lot in front of the office, and you can pick up your 4th or 5th grader last before heading out for the day.